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Your body's counting macros, even when you are not.

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What makes Mike's Macros the best?

Better equations. More accurate and controlled database, including alcohol 😉. Free. No ads. No trying to sell you premium features.


Keep track of your macros each day

Either enter your own macronutrient targets or use Mike's equations to calculate your macros for the day. Whether it's a rest day or training day, aim to get *close* to your targets! Alternate between "tracked" and "remaining" macros.


Add Macros from each meal

Whether you are reading a food label or estimating, easily input the macros for each meal. Or, if it's something you eat often, save the meal! Eating something you're not quite sure the macros of? Check out the next feature!


Enjoy our database. Complete with alcohol options

We focus on having on an extremely accurate food database! For that reason, we do not allow user-uploaded foods; therefore, you don't have to worry about any foods having incorrect macros! We also understand some of you want a drink or two from time to time, so we built in functionality to track your alcohol as well!


Need Motivation?

Everyone has days we just struggle to get going. We got your back. A playlist of videos from Mike, right in the app, to get you pumped about the day and make sure you are ready to hit your macros and keep up that progress!

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